The First One

I don’t get the entire concept of blogging.  I just don’t.  At least not for me.  I can’t help but wonder who on earth would possibly care?  But, my boyfriend has insisted on helping me set up my own blog, since I’m really not a technical person, because I suspect he hopes it will unlock my creative juices and get me writing again or at least give me a forum to spout off about everything and nothing.  My everything is usually nothing, I’m the first to understand and admit, which brings us back to the question who on earth would possibly care? 

So, basics: Screaming Tree-Hugging Liberal. Born in and currently living in Kentucky, a place not known as screaming tree-hugging liberal friendly.  Working for state government, as a full blown career, which is not an association normally made with a vaguely creative middle aged queer.  I love empowered fat girls and dislike women who act as though we’re still living in Leave It To Beaver and the entire women’s movement never happened.  I love smart men.  I dislike stupid people.  I consider myself “spiritual” which is a polite way of saying I have a strong belief system that completely ignores organized religion, since organized religion pretty much tells me that I’m somehow wrong or sinful because I live as who I am rather than who some book says I should be.  I do not own a smart phone.  I do, however, own a crystal ball and some rather amazing modern art pieces.  I am opinionated.  I don’t necessary care, however, about your opinion of my opinion.

That’s the whole weirdness with blogs, in my mind.  Why would I necessarily be interested in your opinion, and why would I presume you might be interested in mine?  Then again, if you have something interesting to say, I might indeed be interested.  So I concede you might be interested in what I have to say, if you’re having a very long and tedious boring day and really don’t do much except read other people’s blogs.  If this describes you, welcome.  I hope your very long and tedious boring day doesn’t feel quite as futile as it did before you read this.     

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