So one of the kids came over (we have two) tonight, with her now long-time beau (both kids are young adults now and living with significant others in some form of relationship or another), so we knocked off early working on this damn house and came in early and cleaned up and made pizza.  The Boyfriend is half-Italian, so he learned some pretty great bread skills and sauce skills from his grandma.  Since girl-child #1 doesn’t like mushrooms, parts of the pizza had to be mushroom-free zones.  Since she lives with now long-time beau in Australia, we don’t really know what he likes and doesn’t like, so we made two pizzas of different types. 

I got all excited and Gordon Ramsey-ed out.  (Unfortunately, as a result of far too much Master Chef, I hear Gordon over my shoulder every time I cook, now, shouting and swearing at me because I’m really not that great of a home chef, but I have potential.)  One pizza (homemade crust, homemade sauce) with smoked mozzarella cheese, mushrooms, black olives, garlic, and artichoke hearts.  One pizza (more homemade crust and sauce) with regular mozzarella, grilled sirloin cut into tiny pieces, white onion, and mushrooms.  He made the crust and sauce, I put together the flavors.

Success.  The smoked mozzarella brought up the olives and artichoke to a new level.  The steak and cheese pizza tasted like a good steak sandwich.  Both pizzas worked well separately, but could be eaten together without overwhelming each other.  I was pleasantly surprised, since normally anything I make overwhelms everything else, especially if I put garlic in it, because I’m an aging granola hippie and I like lots of garlic.

I’m Daddy Number Two.  The kids (both female) are his from a previous relationship, and I didn’t come into their lives until they were in their young teens.  Since I’ve always wanted kids of my own but pretty much gave up on that idea once my niece came along and exhausted me on a regular basis when I got to see her on occasional Saturdays and occasional holidays, it was really nice and very special to have both girls in my life during that part of their lives.  I got to see them both graduate from high school and college.  I got to see them both mature into amazing young women with talent and brains and very little tolerance for bullshit.  I love them and they love me.  Just because two people breed doesn’t automatically make them good parents, but these two girls got to have three fairly amazing people love them and watch them grow, and both seem to be starting adulthood on very well adjusted terms, so pretty much screw these people who say gay parents aren’t good parents.  I feel pretty good about my minor contribution to the world, being part of their lives.  My niece came out pretty good also (currently a Junior in College), and she thinks I’m God, so I take a little credit for her as well.         

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