Anticipating Nashville

So we’re leaving for Nashville, TN tomorrow morning, for a long weekend, so that I’ll feel like I’ve actually had some sort of vacation while off work for two weeks rather than forced labor at a sweat shop.  The time away from work, doing physical things, has been exceptionally good for me, because for reasons we won’t go into my work currently sucks but I think I’ll get over it.  We’ve worked hard on the house these past weeks, and endured a great deal of sun exposure, bruises, cuts, scrapes, sore muscles, and brief panic attacks while perched two and one half stories above the ground on a ladder.  So we deserve a little getaway.

So why Nashville?  We’re not big into country music.  I love Dolly, and I loved k. d. lang back when she was still country (but I love her more, now).  I love some of the songs and some of the lyrics, but I’m not what you’d call a fan of the genre.  No, we’re going because it’s within driving distance and it’s in a different state and it’s a happening place and there should be good shopping and good food.  I don’t go places to sightsee anymore, I go to places to shop for homemade soap and artisan oils and salts from foreign places.  And to stay at cool boutique hotels and eat some really great food. 

We’re staying on the South side of the Ville, which is where Nicole and Keith live, along with all the rest of the Nashville gods and goddesses, but I unfortunately would not recognize most of them if I saw them but I might recognize Nicole just because her aura glows for miles and you really can’t miss her.  It’s sort of like the sighting of the Virgin Mary by Bernadette, you’re just suddenly blinded by this beauty and purity and grace and you know your life will never be the same again so you just give it all up and become a nun.  So a Nicole sighting would be pretty fierce.  Keith is probably touring the world, but if he chooses this particular weekend to come home and visit the wife and kids, I could fondly gaze at him and his biceps across the room for awhile as well.  It would be like Mary and Jesus both.

I will be very careful not to cross the line from gazing worshipfully over into stalking…. 

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