Prayer for the Little Kid with the Stupid Fast-food Parents

So we’re in the food court a few weekends ago, grabbing a bite, and a mom and her young child (5-ish) walk by the table and the little boy says “Mom, can we eat at Subway?” and mom says “No, your dad is getting us something from Arby’s”. 

And I hear, though it was never said, “No, you don’t need a healthy fast-food option, you need whatever the hell your dad and I feel like eating today” and I hear “it was good enough for me, it’s good enough for you” and I hear “even using the value meal Arby’s costs more to feed the three of us, so it must somehow be better” and I hear “I’m a horrible f***ing mother who has no right to have brought a child into this world because I don’t even care enough to feed you properly when I have options between unhealthy and less unhealthy”.  What a Bitch. 

Poor kid.  Another victim of the sanctity of modern marriage, where we got married and popped out a kid because we could, not because we ever really wanted a kid or thought about it and how hard it would be or weighed the responsibility of doing our best.  Instead, we just drag you through your childhood with little thought and hope it all turns out for the best but when it doesn’t we just sigh and shake our heads sadly, because really, how could a kid with all the benefits this kid has and a two parent home, how could he possibly turn out wounded?  

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