Is it just me, or is Alex getting downright snarky at some of the contestants?  “Why Jackson, you fine strapping intelligent young man, you’ve answered the last three questions correctly and are currently in the lead, how much would you like to bet on Double Jeopardy; would you like to tell me ‘let’s make it a true daily double’ ?”, while to Jackson’s chunky contestant in the next booth “Martha, you told us you collect salt and pepper shakers, which is the most stupid thing to collect in all of the world, and that’s you’re best interesting story for Sharing Time, which tells me you’re too stupid to even talk, so lets just look at me and how extremely well preserved I am for two minutes and then I’ll move on to the next contestant.”

I want the telephone number of Alex’s plastic surgeon and his dermatologist and his full time make-up and hair person, not to mention his personal buyer for those amazing suits he wears, because Alex is 70+ years old and he looks better than I do at 50+ and it’s obvious he’s not getting there by working out at the gym. 

Have you noticed how hard Alex tries to steer the winners to Fabulous Friday.  By Friday, our most recent winner is usually a fairly decent looking guy, and at least one of his contestants that day is also usually a fairly decent looking guy, with a wild card of a not quite as fairly decent looking guy or a fat girl with really horrible bad hair. 

I hate Sharing Time, after the first commercial break.  I don’t want to know your story, because usually it takes all the magic and mystery and sex appeal I’ve projected on you in the first 8 minutes of the game and you open your mouth to tell your funny story about the time grandpa fell asleep in church and I suddenly find you not nearly as attractive.  Some smart guys are only sexy when they’re saying smart things and answering hard questions. 

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