Jeopardy, part 2

So this week is Little Bitty Kids Week on Jeopardy.  We were not satisfied with College Week, so we added High School Week, then we got all carried away and added Teen Week, but now we’ve completely lost our minds and we’re having Little Bitty Kids Week.  Serious 10 year olds.  Filler, because we can’t find that many intelligent grown ups to play anymore, especially when our prizes are so lousy.  You want some smart people playing, Alex, then start handing out some serious cash.  Nick Lachey will hand me $10,000 cash just for showing up and saying “I don’t think I’m as good as my competition is”.     

And today, for Final Jeopardy, the answer was The Emancipation Proclamation, and the second little boy got the answer right but he SPELLED it wrong so Alex determined his answer was wrong.  When did we add this rule?  Especially when dealing with a little bitty 10 year old boy.  The fact that the kid KNOWS the answer is Emancipation Proclamation is a pretty big deal, but I suspect most of his teachers can’t spell it without using a word processor and spell-check.  I felt so awful for this poor kid, because he still wouldn’t have won (the other kid rocked and pounded the other two) but at least he would have that memory of getting Final Jeopardy right instead of public humiliation. 

So at this point, we pretty much figure that Alex is just making shit up as he goes along, and the rest of the staff let him get away with it because he has the big bucks contract that apparently runs until death, while Anderson Cooper hovers anxiously in the background, ready to jump in and take over at a moments notice, just as soon as Alex has a little stroke or something.

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