Work Tales

So, there’s this girl in the break room at work and she’s making toast because apparently she can’t afford her own toaster at home so she needs to make it in the break room at work instead of actually working for the first 15 minutes of her workday, and she has a paper plate with three slices of freshly toasted bread and she’s spraying them down with butter spray which I guess is like oil spray or salad dressing spray only its margarine or “I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter” or something horrible like that, and fat girls use it to give food flavor but not so many calories. And she’s spraying it on like a damn fire hose. I mean, I lay it on thick when it comes to butter, but her freaking toast is dripping she must have used half the bottle and I’m thinking “girl you really don’t have a clue do you?” And to top it all off, now the break room smells like toast which is almost as bad a bacon because every time you walk in you smell it and get immediately hungry even if you’re really not.


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