3-D Jesus!

So one of our local churches has this new screamingly illegal thing where they post these large full-color banners in front of the church each week, and the banners are based on current popular movies and the sermons are apparently using said movies to illustrate whatever moral lesson they are currently promoting.  But basically, they’re using copy written material to attract “the youth” to church.  The banners appear to be mass produced, so I suspect there is some business out there actually selling sermons to churches along with the banners.  This weeks sermon series: “3-D Jesus!”

So what, exactly, do that have inside?  A hologram of Kirk Cameron promoting his latest cheesy movie?  Because I respect anyone who searches their soul and thinks about what it is they believe and why, but I really don’t think much of an ex-Tiger Beat cover boy who is so desperately searching for some adult career that he promotes himself as The Christian Actor.  There are lots of Christian actors.  There are lots of Buddhist actors.  Most of them don’t attempt to base their career on their religious views, however, they just let their work reflect their beliefs. 

It’s actually a fairly lucrative business, selling Christianity.  Selling Christian Books, singing Christian Music, playing in Christian Rock Bands.  And I’m sure many of these people earnestly and honestly believe in what they’re doing, and I respect that.  I suspect many others see an easy target audience and rip them off.  Much like most diet books and fat girls.  Much like most natural testosterone supplements and aging men like myself.  Much like most reality television shows and couch potatoes.  It’s low-hanging fruit, so you may as well pick it. 

I took my niece to the local monster-church JeesusPalooza because she begged and begged and I wasn’t letting her go to that den of teen angst and hormones by herself, and I actually overheard one of the bands talking to another one of the bands after their set.  And the tattooed, bleached hair lead singer of one group said to the other “it’s not stadiums, but it pays better than the bar circuit, and the pussy is fresher.


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