How People Are

So this is how people are:  We have a huge parking lot where I work.  From my first day there, I picked a parking spot on the back row, to ensure I would get at least that much exercise each and every day, and because I can never find my car anywhere unless I try to park in the same approximate area of the parking lot every time.  So even though we do not have assigned parking places for peons like me, I’ve pretty much found a home away from home for my car and I park there every day.

As a screaming tree-hugging liberal, I have a few bumper stickers.  My car is old and beat up, but runs fine enough to get me there and back again.  In Kentucky, people tend to be concerned about what you drive even more so than where you work and how much you make, so folks who know me, and even those who don’t, know that I park in that space.  It just sticks in people’s heads “hey that guy parks in that same spot every day”, if they care to notice such things.

So periodically, I’ll be running just a few minutes late, or someone else in the Cabinet will get there a few minutes early, and even though there are a hundred spaces around and near my car that are not yet filled, most if not all of them closer to the building than my space, still, periodically, some asshole will park in my spot.  Just because they can. 

And I think “Seriously?  You need to park in my spot because you too wish to be inconvenienced and to trek a 10 minute walk from your car to your office?  You need to park in my particular spot?  To prove some point?  To piss me off?”  And then I think “Oh no, it’s probably just basically that you’re a total ass-wipe and you want to make some statement to me that it’s not MY spot and ANYONE, including YOU, can park there at ANY time, and you’re right, except WHY THE HELL WOULD YOU WANT TO DO THAT?”

Because that’s how people are.  Kentucky used to be known for it’s friendly, smiling, helpful inhabitants.  Now it’s known as “Home of the Pissed Off, Uneducated, and Poverty Stricken”.  In fact, I’m submitting that as a suggestion for our new state logo to be printed on our license plates.  Maybe I’ll win a prize. 

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