3 Real Christians

1) Pink.  Yeah, her, the wild child DJ turned singer who enjoys dropping the F-bomb as often as I do.  She wrote and released (some years back) “God is a DJ”, and anyone who can get that, who can see the sanctity and holiness that comes with the pure joy of dancing, anyone who can verbalize the simple thoughts she names in the chorus, whether she believes in Jesus or not, she’s a Real Christian.

2) This woman I work with.  She makes quilts for the homeless, and has her friends all helping her as a social activity, and she also tutors the homeless to help them get their GED.  She’s a Latina Catholic married to a Southern Baptist, and it doesn’t cause them any conflict, so you know she has to have a pretty comfortable relationship with whatever God she prays to.  She has a high tolerance for love and a low tolerance for bullshit.  She’s a Real Christian.

3) Chef Gordon Ramsey.  Because when he’s in full out rage on Hell’s Kitchen, you know exactly what the Archangel Michael actually looks like without his wings opened up. Archangels have to be Christian whether they like it or not. 

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