Jesus Changes His Underwear Every Day

This is how messed up some breeders are:  I’m in a local department store, buying underwear, and the next section over has some mom and her teenager shopping for back to school, and I overhear the boy telling his mom he doesn’t NEED new underwear, he has plenty, and mom is announcing to the entire store that he hardly has any decent underwear and he just wears the same two pair over and over.  “That’s so gross” says she, “and you’re old enough to know better.  Jesus changes his underwear every day.”  And the boy says “Mom, I don’t think they even HAD underwear back in Jesus’ time” and mom goes entirely ballistic and shouts “YOU’RE GOING TO HELL, MISTER!”  and storms out of the store. 

This is why teenagers petition for emancipation.  Because their parents are basically too stupid to even try to live with.

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