Stealing Office Supplies

There’s this girl where I work who steals office supplies, I guess because it somehow empowers her.  I’m not talking chairs and paper shredders, I’m talking post-it notes.  I kid you not, I’ve seen her stuffing her purse with post-it notes.  Not just one or two, but literally Stuffing Her Big Ass Fake Coach Bag with the cheap ugly yellow post-it notes our office uses.   

Really?  What exactly do you do with post-it notes at home?  Use them to wrap little bitty presents?  Leave notes for your kids and husband on the refrigerator because that’s the only communication your family unit has?  Decorate the den? 

I can understand tape.  Tape becomes a scarce commodity at our office around the holidays.  What is odd is we use tape dispensers, so if you steal rolls of tape you have to have a tape dispenser at home to use it with, and who the hell has a tape dispenser?  Well, okay, You Do, Yuppie Stay At Home Mom, and I know you bought it in some extremely cute fashion color and then hand stenciled it yourself and really, nobody cares.  Get a life.

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