The Misogynistic Feminist

I hate women who hate other women, which in Kentucky is the vast majority of humanoids without penises.  I like to consider myself a screaming feminist, but I have lost all patience for these chicks who have completely forgotten what their grandmothers marched for and their great-grandmothers fought for.  Here, today, in Kentucky, we just want to be Pretty and we want the guy to always Pay for f**king Everything and we want to be Mommies and we want to wear Barbie Pink and we want to raise our children to be Barbie Girls and we Don’t Question Our Men until we f**king divorce them but by god let her catch him cheating and she’ll divorce him before he has time to get home from the golf course.
But the big sin in Kentucky and most of these United States is Women Don’t Support Each Other Anymore.  What the f**k ever happened to Girl Power?  Supporting each other, nurturing each other, helping each other?  In Kentucky, women just f**king hate other women.  They see them as a threat.  A threat to their jobs, a threat to their marriages, a threat to motherhood and apple pie and all that happy horseshit that we thought we gave up back in the 50’s but we so loudly embrace here today as some standard that is actually possible.

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