Everybody Hates

So what would you do if that one person who you absolutely hate more than anyone else in the entire universe walked up to you and said “please forgive me”?

Don’t pull this religious horseshit and say you don’t hate.  Everybody Hates.  If you’ve ever loved, you’ve also hated.  They’re parallel emotions, not opposites. 

If you have ever in your life loved something or someone so much that you’d give your life for it, then you’ve also hated something or someone that would threaten or hurt that thing you love so much.

“Hate the sin, love the sinner” is absolute horseshit.  If you’re hating the sin, you’re hating the person as well. 

We each go through various journeys in our life where there is a person we absolutely hate.  It’s part of the learning experience of life.  We hate this person, and then the learning experience is learning to deal with the fact that we do indeed hate this person, rather than burying it inside and insisting that we don’t hate anyone because Preacher Says You Can’t Hate.  If you spend your life burying that intense of an emotion, you’ll spend the next reincarnation as a frog eating flies.  Lots of frogs were Preachers in a past life.

So what if you man up and admit that you hate this person, and allow yourself to feel the full intensity of emotion that hating this person brings.  This person brings drama to your life.  This person brings sad to balance your happy, and indignation to balance your self-satisfied little life.  This person plays an important counterpart to everything that is bright and gay in your life, including Neil Patrick Harris.

So what would you do if that person walked up and flat out asked you to forgive them for being such a shit head and such an ass wipe and such an evil soul sucking thorn in your foot.  Could you?  Could you forgive this person who has caused you to feel such intense emotion?  I say Not.  No.  Nada.  Not Happening Today or Next Week or Anytime Before You Die Most Hated Person. 

Because if you honestly love someone, you never stop loving them, even if you stop liking them or move on to a new place without them.  That real honest love never dies. 

And if you honestly hate someone, you never stop hating them. 

Love and Hate are eternal emotions, and we have to carry that Karma with us throughout our various incarnations.  Neither is bad and both are necessary. 

So, No, I Don’t Forgive You, Bitch.  Ever. 

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