Antoinette Tuff

So today, another asswipe waltzes into a “secure” elementary school full of children in Atlanta with an AK-47, and it’s not even the lead story on the evening news, because, apparently, the kids all got out safe and nobody died.  And there isn’t a loud demand for more conversations about why this asswipe was able to get his hands on an AK-47 in the first place, or why anyone outside of the military should be allowed to get their hands on something as unnecessary and dangerous as an AK-47.  The NRA has finally succeeded in getting us so numb to our kids getting shot at, that we don’t even blink an eye this time, except to say “oh I’m glad it wasn’t here and it wasn’t my kid”.

I loudly expect and demand President Obama to give a congressional medal of honor and valor and superhero of the decade and free burgers at 5 guys for the rest of your life award to the real hero of the day, the front desk receptionist Antoinette Tuff, who single handed and by her lonesome kept the asswipe talking and away from the kids while she also spoke with 911 on the telephone and the rest of the school evacuated, all the while keeping a fairly sassy attitude that gives her my vote for Best Awesome Person Ever.  This Chick Rocks.

Thank You Antoinette Tuff For Being Alive.  Thank You For Saving The Kids.  Thank You For Living In This World.  We Need More Everyday Hero’s Like You.     

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