Kentucky Avoids Effects of Global Warming!

Kentucky is not currently suffering from Global Warming in any real adverse way this year, except for the fact that we have the highest allergy rating of the entire country and more asthma per capita than China does.  Due to our unique setting between the Appalachian and the Smokey mountains, we’re not getting the droughts and forest fires of the West, or the floods of the East.  Well, we get some floods, in the northwestern and northeastern parts of the states, but these are basically creeks that overflow practically every year and some years they flood yards and streets also because we’ve built these little nowhere downs directly on the banks of the creek and we’re just used to those particular towns flooding every damn year. 

It doesn’t seem just, does it?  We contribute a holy mess of coal processing pollution to the world.  We burn it to make electricity.  We dump the residue illegally into our streams and rivers.  We leach the coal off the mountain tops and leave behind toxic runoff.  And in Kentucky, the vast majority of us drive large pick-up trucks and large SUVs and large cars, even though that same vast majority of us commute at least 1/2 hour to work every day and many of us commute 1 – 2 houses to work every day because in Kentucky, people tend to stay in the town where they grew up, but you drive to wherever the jobs are if you actually need to support yourself and your family.  So we burn a lot of gas.  And most of those gas guzzling vehicles are carrying only one passenger each and every morning, except for Sundays when we pile the entire family in for church followed by brunch at America’s Favorite Bigot Hangout, Cracker Barrel. 

I don’t think we have allergies, we’re all just f**king poisoned by our water and air and don’t realize it yet. 

But we’ve seriously had a beautiful spring and summer.  Just enough rain, just enough sun, very few really hot and humid days, lots of blue skies and fluffy clouds.  There’s going to be a bumper crop of corn this year, and pretty much anything else any farmer in Kentucky chooses to grow.  Oddly, though all the grocery stores are insisting they are “buying locally”, I’m not really seeing the prices one sees when locally grown products are for sale.  Cucumbers should be 6 for $1, Corn should be 10 for $1, Peppers should be 8 for $1, Squash and Zucchini should be pretty much free because once it takes off it’s like weeds and just won’t stop.  And local, fresh-picked tomatoes get hauled around in paper grocery bags to all the neighbors and to anyone else you can pawn them off on because they just keep coming.  You want the good stuff in Kentucky, at the good prices, you skip the grocery stores and go to the farmer’s markets.   

So if you believe in Karma, and the circle of life, and balance and yin and yang, then Kentucky is pretty much due to be swallowed up by the earth any day now. 

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