Contemplating God

So let’s contemplate God today.  Because everyone seems to have their own version of who or what God actually is, and everyone is wrong except me.  I am an Organized Religion.  A Church.  Tax-exempt status and all that bullshit.  My God is the One God and everyone else is wrong and going to hell.  My holy book is the One Holy Book and everyone else is wrong and going to hell.  My vision and my version of God is the Only True Vision and the Only True Version, and everyone else is wrong and going to hell.  My God can kick Your God’s Ass.  My Dad’s bigger than Your Dad.  My Wiener is bigger than Your Wiener.  It all comes down to two dogs trying to out-piss each other on the same tree.

So today, let’s throw all that testosterone-fueled horseshit out the window and try to actually contemplate God without insulting the very idea of God.  Humans have some need to personify God, which, if God is really GOD is probably a bit insulting to God.  God isn’t human.  God is God.

I love Joan Osborne’s idea/song “What if God was one of us?”.  But I tend to think it’s the reverse: “What if we were one of God?”

Let’s try to break it down to size.  Magnitude.  See if what we say we believe is really what we believe.

I know my body is made up of millions and billions and trillions of other independent parts all working somehow in unison.  Hands, feet, knees, heart, liver, spleen, blood, arteries, capillaries, blood cells, skin cells, protons, neutrons, etc.  These individual pieces don’t really have a complete picture of what it is they’re doing and who it is they’re supporting, they just know on some level what their job is and they do it and so long as they do it I stay healthy and happy and alive.  My skin cells don’t really comprehend Me.

So take that basic understanding and apply it to God.  There is me, there is my state, my country, my planet, my galaxy, my universe, probably a whole lot more that I can’t even comprehend, and then there’s God.  I am less than the equivalent a atom making up part of a single skin cell on God’s left foot pinkie toenail.

I’m part of God, but God isn’t necessarily too concerned about my part unless I suddenly turn diseased, which is what happens if the entire planet I am part of gets destroyed by pollution and human mismanagement.  Still, a series of white blood cells might knock that little start of illness right the hell off, so as long as the big picture is working properly, I matter very little.  But I Do Matter.  Exactly how and why I matter, I don’t necessarily understand and probably Can’t understand, but that’s okay.

What matters is that we’re part of something so huge and wonderful we can’t begin to comprehend or understand it, so we call it God, but it’s much, much bigger than what we call God.  It’s Infinity.

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