The Other Side Of The Mirror

But then, and then, and then;  If you live in Kentucky, if you should happen to find yourself living in Kentucky, and you look deep into the mirror and maybe squint just a little bit but look as far in as possible, you can occasionally see outside of the hallucination and into the very soul of Kentucky.  Stunning natural beauty:  Trees and forests and lakes and fields and farms and rivers and streams and blue skies and green grass.  Animals everywhere: horses and cows and sheep and goats and deer and wild turkey rabbits and squirrels and buffalo and llamas and the occasional camel.  Genuinely Good people, who would never dream of hurting anyone, who actually care about other people, who aren’t afraid to reach out to strangers in need, who may or may not have had basic educational opportunities but have more common sense than most of America.  People who are simply trying to make their way, to do their best with what they have, to be the best they can at what they do, to live the best life they can make for themselves.  People who find comfort in their birth families and/or their chosen families, who love and laugh together and try to enjoy the good times and comfort one another in the bad times.  People who genuinely want to make the world a better place, and who are trying, with their individual contribution, to do so.  People who have been horribly oppressed by their elected leaders over hundreds of years, because you can’t be a rich person in Kentucky without a whole lot of poor people working for you, so there is little incentive to help lift the poor up and make their lives better.  But then, people get the elected leaders they deserve.  Someday, sooner or later, they’ll stand up and say “I deserve better than this.”

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