Bette Midler Smacks Neil Patrick Harris!

So Bette Midler recently closed her one-woman show on Broadway, and it was a limited engagement so I couldn’t get tickets, but I still hung out around the backstage door hoping to catch a glimpse, even though the community said she was notorious for sneaking out at weird times or in disguise so she wouldn’t have to deal with people after her shows.

But I got lucky one night and she was in a hurry to be someplace after the show and she just burst out and heads for her car and driver full tilt boogie, but before I could do or say anything, Neil Patrick Harris came bouncing out of the shadows, where even I hadn’t noticed him lurking, and he ran right up in her face shouting “Miss M! Miss M!” and Bette hauled back and smacked the holy shit right out of him, right in the face, hard enough to knock him down. And I thought “what in the hell has Neil Patrick Harris done to piss off Bette Midler so bad?” but he sat there and looked guilty like he was expecting to get the shit smacked out of him, so I guess there’s some issue between the two of them.

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