Everytime We Say Goodbye

You know you’re in a successful, long-term relationship when after 10+ years you still miss your Significant Other terribly if they have to leave on a business trip or go out-of-town without you for some reason.  The bed feels empty when you fall asleep at night.  The house feels empty when you come home.  The dog gets all pissed off because The Boyfriend usually takes him for a walk around the neighborhood every night, whereas you only take the dog for a walk around the yard. 

However, the “long-term relationship” has to breathe on occasion, and as much as I miss him while he’s out-of-town with his work this week, I also immediately began greedily planning for some significant ME time.  In my last relationship, I actually insisted on a one week vacation all alone, out-of-town, away from him, because I understand that I’m sort of a solidary type of guy and I need down time all by my lonesome, to read and hike and sleep and eat whatever the hell junk food I like.  These past few years, however, what with the economy falling all the f**k apart, I’ve been taking a ME-based Stay-cation, which sort of screws the entire concept, because if you’re at home you’re always going to find some chore or another than needs doing and you end up spending all your energy on US instead of ME.

So a week with him out-of-town makes me sad but also makes me deliriously excited at the prospect of living in my own private Idaho for a little while. 

I immediately requested three days off work, so I could have a few actual days to do everything I want to do, starting with getting a massage from this incredible guy I found last spring.  Unfortunately, he’s booked up on the days I took off work, so that idea went right the hell down the pisser fast.  Still, I need a haircut, and really wanted to have it done professionally rather than taking the dog clippers to my scalp as I normally do.  There’s this little salon about 40 minutes away (in the city) who takes walk-ins and they all appear fairly happening and talented, so I’ve always liked getting the occasion haircut there.  Today, I got my first indifferent haircut there.  Not bad.  Just not anything to get happy about.  Sort of a Yawn of a haircut.  Some kids just look at gray hair and assume you want to look like their dads instead of the hot gay daddy you are. 

I did make an amazing brunch and later supper, though I’m trying to get through left over salad stuff before it goes limp, and salad isn’t normally a comfort food for me.  And I had big plans to get my passport renewed this morning, at the local post office, today in honor of 09-11-01, as my own little “Fuck You” to the terrorists and bad guys of the world, because once I have my passport renewed I can go any freaking where I want with no hassle whereas terrorists and bad guys have made travel pretty difficult for pretty much everyone out there except for us white guys.  Unfortunately, I stayed up watching the old Terry Gilliam movie “Brazil” last night and it was more amazing than I remembered and scarily predictive of our current world, especially working for State Government, and I overslept, and our local post office can’t process passports between 12 and 2 because they’re the post office and I’m not hanging around home until 2 when I want to get my damn hair cut and I can go do it tomorrow anyway.     

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