Federal Government Shutdown at Midnight Tonight

So, what I really hope actually happens tonight, at Midnight, when the Federal freaking government shuts down because the stupid freaking Republicans are trying so hard to show the world their tiny little wieners and nobody cares to see that at all but jeez guys don’t shut down the entire government, what I really hope actually happens tonight is the clock strikes midnight and Obama is standing on the front lawn with this big-ass red button in front of him on a pedestal, like we imagine the big red button that begins nuclear Armageddon looks like, and as the clock strikes 12 Obama says “let’s shut this bastard down” and he pushes down on the button with both hands and the entire freaking country goes dark.  No power, no internet, no television, no communications, no nothing.  Just dark.  And as the Republicans begin shitting themselves in public, Obama says “I told you so”. 



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