Zooey and Mindy

So, I feel I have no choice but to take full credit for the fact that both Zooey and Mindy got their collective shit together last night and blew up fairly excellent episodes. After weeks of my subtle nagging, Zooey finally cut back on her recreational pharmaceuticals and Participated in her own show, rather than allowing her supporting cast to do all the heavy lifting. Since Mindy is a writer, she chooses to allow her supporting cast to shine around her own personal sun, but the show was still pretty rocking, and she made my eyes tear up at the end.

So Mindy calls me after the show airs, to crow about how excellent she is, and I immediately tore into her for lying to me about her hair. And she’s all like “Really? You can’t even tell a wig when you see one? And you call yourself Queer?” and then she hung up and I have to admit, she earned it.

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