What Doesn’t Kill You

I sort of hate those people who are quick to quip “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger!” as some sort of instant solution to anything difficult you might be going through.  Mostly, I hate them because that’s sort of mostly Bullshit.  “What doesn’t kill you” is usually used to describe something that Almost kills you, which is nearly as bad and sometimes worse than something actually killing you.  It’s something so bad that we actually, seriously wonder if perhaps death might be better.

Most of us deal with several things in our lives that feel like they Almost kill you, and rather than making us stronger and larger and most super-hero-like as we age, it instead just wears us down.  Like the rain on a stone statue.  The rain itself isn’t going to melt away a stone statue all at once, but eventually, given enough time, it will, and in the meantime, it will wear away the stone enough that an unexpected blow could break said statue well before its intended lifespan.  We have far too many broken people.

I prefer to think of all the things that almost kill you like streams running over stones.  Dig around in most streams and you’ll find an amazing array of smooth stones, worn down by the water, over god knows how long, but just laying there waiting for you to pick them up and admire how nature has recreated something rough and jagged into something sensual and beautiful.  The rock itself isn’t nearly as large as it once was, or as strong, or as solid, but it has mellowed into something softer and more graceful.  We need more graceful people.


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