Katy Perry on Saturday Night Live

So I watched my friend Katy Perry on Saturday Night Live this week, and felt really bad for her band, because she made them dress up in stupid costumes, but she’s like that when she gets a creative idea in her head, even if it’s a bad one. But the real show stopper was watching and waiting for the obviously planned “accidental boob popping out of the costume on live television” that never occurred. Katy has lovely boobs, and the left one was very obviously pushing the costume to its limits, and everything was moving around quite a bit in there and it appeared nothing was taped down properly, so everyone watching, including host Bruce Willis, was waiting for the “accident” to occur and wondering how huge of a fine the powers that be would lay on her and if she would get in trouble for laughing in their faces because Katy is richer than God right now and even a $250,000 fine would not put much of a dent in her daily shoe allowance.

But then…nothing. As the song ending got closer, you could see the look of panic in her eyes. “Why is my boob not popping out?” you could practically hear her cry. It’s really sad when a planned costume malfunction doesn’t occur properly. And then, you feel really bad for her costume designer, because you know he spent the past 36 hours suddenly sewing together the stupid costumes for the band and the backup singers, and now he’s collecting unemployment because the boob pop didn’t happen. Poor guy.

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