That Kate Middleton Hair-Smell Guy

So I read on some stupid Yahoo Headline that Kate Middleton popped out Prince George and then immediately went online to shop at Jo Malone’s for her favorite bath and body oil, and let’s be real, that’s probably not true, like most Yahoo Headlines are probably not true, because after the Future Queen Of England has her firstborn, one would hope she would have more important things to do, like take a nap or maybe feed little George, or at least wave some smelling salts in the general direction of Prince William.  But of course, I immediately signed on to Jo Malone’s of England and began purchasing ridiculously expensive hair and body product for no apparent reason.

And it all arrived yesterday!

So I tried the shampoo and was not nearly as impressed as I thought I would be with the lime, basil, and mandarin scent that apparently made dear old Jo Malone famous in the first place, mostly because it was so lightly scented I wasn’t sure it was really there.  Apparently, royalty doesn’t smell and doesn’t like to smell strongly, which is a complete turn-around from the beginnings of the perfume industry which was originally created and inspired to cover up the stench of rich folks.

And yet, someone I don’t even know approached me in the parking lot of the building where I work and said “your hair looks as shiny and healthy and lovely as Kate Middleton’s” and I said “yeah, I know” and it made significant credit card debt worth it after all.


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