So I spent most of Thursday trying to download Microsoft 8.1 to my laptop, and it made such a mess of my computer, plus it never fully loaded, that I spent most of Friday reverting my computer back to its previous settings.  What a mess.  And I’m sorry, but this is Microsoft, I sort of expect them not to have the stupid programming problems that state government has, simply because they supposedly can and do hire the best and most talented and if they can’t roll out an upgrade without f**king it up, then no wonder hackers in Russia are robbing our bank accounts and hackers in Africa are conning our senior citizens.  I really, truly, expect Microsoft to make the rest of the world look like amateurs, and instead they themselves come off as half-assed.  It’s really sad. 

So f**k the upgrade, I’ll just keep the old useless 8.0 until I upgrade to my next computer, which will be a Mac from Apple so I don’t have to put up with this crap.  I love Bill Gates, seriously, big hero of our times, and I really love the fact that he’s decided to go take his billions out to save the world, but the company he built is falling right the hell apart without him, and their new product roll outs were always fraught with issues even when he was there, so you sort of wonder why they haven’t just cleaned house in their testing department and maybe adopted a policy of “we will not release any new product that we do not feel is ready” and then maybe, they can once again continue their quest for world domination. 

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