Halloween in State Government

So it’s almost Halloween, which I do not dislike normally, but I sort of hate at work, because everyone expects you to come up with some costume that is interesting and funny and smart but isn’t too uncomfortable to wear all day and you don’t feel an utter idiot wearing in broad daylight when you stop at Speedway after work for a pack of cigarettes. And at work, in State Government, the underlings seem to take it at face value that they can say pretty much anything and get away with it, and the public does too.

For example, last year I was waiting on a woman at the front desk customer service window, and yes, my staff are running amuck in the background dressed in Halloween costumes but they’re getting the work done and having some fun while doing it, and the woman at the window looks me dead in the eyes and says “And what’s your costume? Wait, don’t tell me, I know, You’re An Old Man!” and I though “I will come right through this safety glass and break your f**king neck, you wrinkled old bitch” but of course, I just tried to smile and ignore her incredible rudeness, especially since I was actually dressed fairly professionally that day and looked more like the happening hot gay daddy I am than an old man.

And staff are hopeless. Any costume with any intellectual humor associated with it goes right the hell over their heads, and they just give you this blank look. I’m not talking high-brow humor. This isn’t the New Yorker. I’m talking wearing a tie and a blue jacket and saying “Hi, I’m Mitt Romney, and even though the election was over a week ago, I still don’t understand At All how I lost the election!” and staff say “Who is Mitt Romney?” and you just give the f**k up and go back to your desk.

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