So we made a short journey to Indianapolis this weekend, to see the Matisse show at the museum, and to just basically get the hell out-of-town for a short period of time because apparently I’ve been so awful and insufferable lately that my brilliant Boyfriend realized, as the song says, A Change Will Do You Good.  And it was amazing.  A short drive yesterday morn, with a brief stop for a fairly decent and decadent greasy spoon diner type breakfast including practically raw and runny sunny-side-up eggs and biscuits and gravy, and there we were.

The drive was wonderful.  Driving in Kentucky is one long aggravation, because the roads are badly maintained and the drivers are either on drugs or just too stupid to drive more than a donkey, and it’s always bumper to bumper even in the middle of nowhere in the middle of the day because nobody knows how to build roads or drive on roads in Kentucky.  But as soon as we got into another state, BAM, smooth sailing, beautifully maintained roads, traffic flowing like sweet honey, no problems even driving into the city because it’s all so well mapped out and easy and excellent.  We went straight to the museum, where some hot little hairy redhead in the parking toll booth wished an exceptional experience upon us, and spent the afternoon at a really nice museum with a great show and a pretty rocking collection of their own.  Plus they were sponsoring the Indianapolis Gay and Lesbian Film Festival, which we didn’t stay for but at least got to eyeball some of the locals who were on their way in as we were on our way out. 

Then on to the hotel, purchased last-minute via Priceline.  There was apparently some major sporting event today, and everyone arrived last night to party with their alumni friends, so the check-in line was honestly backed up past the front doors.  I think it must have been Gay Alumni Weekend, because the crowd was decidedly mixed, and I’m sure most of them were NOT there for the film festival or they would have been back at the opening night film festival reception at the museum rather than standing in line.  But it moved fairly well, and the hot guy who helped us managed to snag us a huge king room on the 14th floor with a view of downtown and the Capitol building, and we had a lovely evening watching HGTV in the big plush bed and making fun of pretty much everything. 

A late lay-about this morning, followed by breakfast, followed by an easy drive home, and it felt like a weeks vacation all packed in to one overnight.  I love Indianapolis.  I now have yet another mini-escape, including Nashville, Knoxville, Cincinnati, and Louisville, where I can disappear for a few hours or a few days and forget that I have a job here that I’m not currently entirely happy with, but am actively working to improve, or at least tolerate better, and the knowledge that I have hundreds of hours of leave time saved up and can pretty much take off the hell out of here anytime I choose.  It helps to have a hot Boyfriend to take along, too. 

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