So I had some non-necessary but vaguely interesting training I had to attend today, and they held the training in one of the legislative committee meeting rooms, and it was sort of cool to see where and how a legislative committee meeting is held. One of my staff, who is more than a little OCD, noticed that there were ceiling drop-down screens for presentations, and that it appeared the projector was facing the audience rather than the screen. This got my staff person concerned, but it wasn’t just her, there were several women in the crowd who were muttering because the projections were going to be on the wall behind us so therefore we must be seated facing the wrong way.

High Tech Alert in Kentucky: It’s a double drop down projection screen, with projectors displaying on both sides, so that both the committee members, who are seated in tiers in the front of the room, and the audience, which is where we were seated, could all see any presentations made in that particular room. It wasn’t really hard to figure out by looking at it and using common sense, but as previously mentioned, several women in the crowd were actively uncomfortable prior to the training because they felt we were seated backward.

I considered making a general announcement, to put them at ease, but when I stood up and asked if I could please have their attention, all that came out of my mouth was “okay, if you’re female, you are not allowed to speak while in this room” and amazingly enough, that shut them right the hell up.

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