The Guy In The Window At The Post Office

So, in truest form, I chose today to take a large-ish package to the post office to mail it priority mail to some foreign country on the other side of the world where my daughter is currently learning and perfecting the art of artificial insemination for expensive horses, because in the big bright world of polo, we pay big bucks for that particular service. Of course, when I got to the post office, the line was backed up out the doors, into the slummy portion where the post office boxes are, and there was only one poor guy working his single window at a post office that normally only uses two windows on a busy day because this is a little bitty post office in Frankfort, Kentucky.

People in line were cruel. Mean. Snarley. Awful. One ass-wipe is on his cell phone at the top of his voice telling someone else “well I guess I’ll just be here ALL F**KING AFTERNOON BECAUSE THEY ONLY HAVE ONE WINDOW OPEN” and some snarkey bitch is announcing to everyone else in line “well, it CERTAINLY would be HELPFUL if they could MANAGE to OPEN BOTH WINDOWS” and another old fart is moaning to anyone in listening distance “these packages are so HEAVY, if only they had SOMEPLACE to SET THEM DOWN WHILE WE WAIT SINCE THERE IS ONLY ONE WINDOW OPEN”.

Wake up, Kentucky. Window number two is on break. Dude has to eat and has to piss and has to take a break from all the whining and bitching he has put up with all freaking day. But dude is back promptly at 1:15 and has his window open in a moment and is serving customers with a smile on his face.

The ass-wipe doesn’t have his packages labeled and has to call his wife for the addresses she apparently didn’t put on the packages and he never bothered to notice until he got to the window for service. The snarkey bitch only wanted to buy stamps, when they have the full holiday assortment in the machine in the main lobby but apparently she’s too stupid to use a machine to get 20 freaking stamps. And the old fart doesn’t even have one of his packages taped shut yet.

Two dudes at the window don’t cop an attitude, they don’t even frown disapprovingly, they just keep their rhythm as best they can and process the customer in front of them and then move on to the next. I was in and out in 20 minutes, even with the three idiots and several other idiots in the long line ahead of me.

I went back to work, put up a “closed for staff training, back in one hour” sign in our customer service windows, took my customer service window reps across town to the post office, and we stood along the back wall and just applauded each and every time those two dudes served a client without letting the clients and their awful attitudes drag them down. They deserved a little applause. We even threw out comments, like “Did you see that? She paid with small change and he didn’t even smack her!” and “Look at how friendly he is even though that bald guy just swore at him because his wife forgot to give him the credit card!”

Come on folks, it’s the holidays, be civil. The folks behind the windows are just doing their jobs to the best of their abilities, like you do, every single day, for not nearly enough money and no job security but it feeds the kids and pays the rent. Be nice. Or at least, don’t be an ass-wipe.

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