Holiday Feasting

So today became all about what the hell is going to be on the Christmas Eve menu, because my daughter and her husband are coming over and possibly my Boyfriend’s ex-wife because she is, after all, the mother of my daughter, and the Boyfriend normally does this big Italian thing with homemade ravioli and meatballs with sauce and it’s always fairly amazing, but this year we’re having Italian at my family’s place on Christmas day, so he doesn’t want pasta twice and what the hell are we going to feast upon?

  • Cheese and crackers (we have some pretty amazing cheese and crackers from the import store and I really want to get into them NOW but I’ll wait).
  • Free Range Brined Turkey Breast stuffed with Sage Sausage and Chestnuts.
  • Mashed Sweet Potato in Butter with Walnuts and Bacon (and maybe a little garlic paste).
  • Green Beans and Mushrooms, sautĂ©ed in butter, with red and green pepper.
  • Green Apple or Blood Orange Italian Soda.
  • Meyer Lemon infused still water.
  • Whatever impossible to make desert my daughter decides she and her dad need to make this year all morning long while everyone else is trying to eat cheese and mash potatoes around them.

Plus we’re taking a lasagna to my mom’s house because we don’t really know if any of my clan know how to cook Italian besides spaghetti and Ragu, which is the extend of my mom’s cooking skills but who knows about the rest of the family….

This is why I gain 10 pounds every year over the holidays, then spend the rest of the year working them slowly off, only to regain them again the next year over the holidays.

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