Hail, Mary, Full of Grace

The hardest part for Mary, after she died and ascended and became the Queen of Heaven, was realizing (a) that she was, quite unexpectedly, now a God, and (b) there were Other Gods as well, some of whom she was familiar with, and (c) there were Even More Other Gods as well, whom she was completely unfamiliar with, but who were nonetheless Gods.  After a fairly simple and occasionally tragic life, becoming the Queen of Heaven was the last thing Mary expected.

All because of a simple Immaculate Conception.  That simple thing, completely distorted by history and made into something different than it was.  Long Story Short: Joseph cleaned the bedroom.  He dusted and he swept and he stuffed fresh straw in the mattress and he placed fragrant flowers in a vase on the bedside table, and the room was spotless, perfect, beautiful; the better to please the woman he loved, though he had yet to make love to her.  And when Mary saw the time and effort he had taken, for her comfort and pleasure, unlike the dirty boys and men she had rutted with previously, she too fell in love, with Joseph, because he loved her so much.  A child born out of love is always holy.

Her holy child grew up and pissed off all the wrong people, and eventually, died a horrible death at the hands of bullies and cowards, but that was not uncommon in those days, any more than it is these days.  She suffered seeing his suffering, but never expected that anguish to fast-forward her evolution into an actual God.  And, upon finding herself as Queen of Heaven, she was amazed at the vast and varying Gods she shared her new life with, some vaguely human in nature, some not at all, but Gods one and all, from the Rocks and the Trees to the Spirits and the Planets, Gods and More Gods, and herself one of the many.


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