“So last night …

“So last night the kids got to hollering at midnight and because Smiley Miley was on Dick Clark (God Rest His Soul) and because you’re supposed to holler when the ball drops, and Grandpa comes charging out of his bedroom in the back of the trailer all red eyed and hung over and pissed off and he starts yelling ‘What in the Hell are you kids screaming about! Of course it’s 2014! Did you expect the world to just end at 2013? Shut the hell up, you bunch of morons’, and mama was so hot on meth she had to scream at him or screw him so she screamed ‘You can’t talk to my kids that way, you old drunk’ and he screamed back ‘It’s my trailer and I’ll scream at anyone I damn well please and if you don’t like it you can take your meth whore ass right the hell out that door and don’t come back’ and then he turned back to his bedroom and slammed the door behind him and passed out so we didn’t get thrown out again, so at least we’re not homeless again for the new year.”

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