The Storm of the Century

So it’s a fairly beautiful day her in Nowhere, Kentucky, but the weather boy on TV says it’s going to get really cold really fast and so of course we ran to the grocery this morning to stock up on eggs and milk and whatnot, even though it’s just supposed to get cold and not necessarily snow or ice or anything that really prohibits daily normal life except don’t go outside without your hat on. Our local Kroger was wall-to-wall lunatics, which is Not Unusual, but today even more-so than normal because the entire town was apparently stocking up the pantry in case…what? In case it gets so cold that… who knows what people are thinking. It’s just become a gut reaction, (thank you, global warming), that anytime the weather report is not great, we rush out to buy bread and milk so we can make milk sandwiches when everything goes bad. And there I was, with the Boyfriend in tow, right in the middle of all of them, pushing my way past old ladies and little snotty-nosed kids and over-medicated people who are old enough to know better.

And I still didn’t get anything to take for lunch to work next week.

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