Pepper as a Contact Sport

Ok, so I grew up with the white trash cardboard tubes of white salt and black pepper, bought as a set from the grocery, on the table as spice for food, meant to be thrown out and replaced as the salt and pepper ran out. I didn’t know pepper could be ground until I was an adult. I never had the opportunity to taste fresh ground black pepper until then, but with my addictive personality, I was immediately hooked. Fresh Ground Sea Salt came much later.

I treat fresh ground black pepper less like a spice and more like a contact sport. It’s pretty hard to give me too much. Most basic salads are amazing with the addition of cottage cheese crusted black with ground pepper. Macaroni and Cheese is only enhanced by more ground black pepper than most people would eat in a week. Soups and stews are drowned in black pepper as they cook, and Fettuccine Alfredo only truly comes to life when you hit it and hit it hard with ground black pepper.

So I love it when I’m in a restaurant and the server comes by to see if I’d like a little ground pepper on whatever the hell I’m eating. “Sure.” So they make like two or three little cranks and look at me, and I look back at them, and they make two or three more little cranks and look at me, and I look back at them, and they say “is that adequate?” and I say “keep it coming”. God help you if you’re a snotty waiter with an attitude, because I’ll keep you there all freaking night, and I’ll still eat and enjoy the entire meal.

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