The Storm of the Century, part 2

So the great freezing snow and ice storms were supposed to hit late last night and be socking us indoors right this minute, but so far, nothing. The sky has that vaguely overcast, cloudy white look that indicates it might possibly snow some later, but maybe not. Still, our weather boys are all hard and excited and insisting it’s gonna hit this afternoon, and we all best be stocking our pantries and praying to Jesus.

Oddly, the sirens went off in the town where I live, at about 12;30 last night. Not an ambulance, but the big-ass sirens you can hear all over town that are only supposed to go off in case of severe emergency like a tornado or a some other immediate threat to life. So I get up, and stand at my window, and look outside, and the wind isn’t even blowing, it’s not even raining, there are no mushroom clouds growing off in the distance, there are no toxic flames from a train derailment filling the skies, and basically, nothing is wrong except the siren is going off.

Quandary. Do I wake the Boyfriend and hunker down in the basement with the dog waiting for Armageddon? Do I go downstairs and turn on the television to see if there are any news flashes saying “take cover now”? Or do I just chalk it up to another f**k up by some asswipe who is in charge of the sirens and doesn’t know how to turn them off after accidentally turning them on?

I choose the latter and go back to bed. The sirens immediately stopped wailing

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