The Storm of the Century, part 3

So we survived sub-zero temperatures last week, and then it got warm for a few days, and now it’s back in the single digits after a full day of snow and ice falling yesterday. All the schools are closed, but by god State Government Is Open For Business. Because We Never Close (except for a multitude of paid state holidays throughout the year).

What sucks, when you work where I do, there is always some idiot who will actually come out in such awful weather to visit your office, rather than wait until the streets aren’t covered in ice, so you feel an obligation to be there to serve said idiot when he comes stumbling into our customer service area.

And you feel guilty when you can’t make it in, because its been beaten into the skulls of the staff that “we need you to be here”, to the point that there have been several days that I swore if I made it alive to work without crashing my car in a ditch somewhere, that I would Never Ever Ever subject myself to such stupidity again, and would stay home when the weather dictates I should do so. And yet, last week and again yesterday, I did indeed risk my life and health to drive 45 minutes to work in dangerously cold temperatures and miserable road conditions, because I was pretty sure if I didn’t show up, there would be nobody running the office, and we all know what happens when you let the inmates run the institution. So I was there. And then risked my life again driving back home through the same horrible weather conditions.

So today, I said F**k This Shit and I stayed home. Because, seriously, the only person I seem to be impressing with all my earnest and dedicated work is myself, and I’d rather be safe and alive than impressed with myself.

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