After the Rain

So, while driving home from my Grandmother’s funeral today, leaving one tiny church in a tiny town and passing by a second church in the same tiny town, I read on the church announcement board outside, where they used to only post the subject of this week’s sermon, but now apparently they offer a creative writing class for these damn things in ministry school, “Would Whoever Keeps Praying For Snow Please Stop?” and I thought to myself, you know, it’s vaguely clever, but assuming that one was a minister and believed that God is responsible for everything and everything has a reason even if we mere humans do not understand that reason, wouldn’t said minister feel at least vaguely sacrilegious making such a public statement, implying as it does that God is answering the prayer of a 12-year-old schoolboy who wants another snow day and has God confused with Santa, as opposed to God Himself making it snow because God Himself feels this tiny town needs the holy and sacred experience of a fairly harsh winter?

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