Rain Turning To Snow

So it’s Super Bowl Sunday, and the game has begun, and my television is turned off because I don’t give a shit about sports, and just an hour ago the sky suddenly started dropping bits of ice and now it’s snowing pretty heavily and steadily. The various weather sites are estimating between 2 and possibly up to 8 inches by morning. Which would mean a snow day for me, because I’m not driving in that mess, especially the day after Super Bowl when fully 3/4 of the drivers on the roads are at least somewhat hung over from the night before.

I could use the extra day. An extra week would not be a bad thing. I’ve been away from work this past week, due to all the rain, and it still feels like the sun is never going to shine again and the skies will always stay gray. But snow is different. Snow covering the ground is like fresh white sheets on the bed. Clean. Fresh. New. No matter how much snow there is, I know it’s eventually going to melt, and the ground will be a muddy mess for a while, but eventually there will be Spring.

The rain gets you down. But I can deal with snow.

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