Kentucky Recognizes Gay Marriages From Other States

So in 2004, Kentucky passed a State Constitutional Amendment not only declaring that Marriage was only between a man and a woman, but that Kentucky would also never recognize a marriage between a same-sex couple performed in another state, and today, unexpectedly, a Federal Judge in Louisville struck down the part refusing to acknowledge another State’s marriages as unconstitutional, and I’m deliriously happy because that was so unnecessary and so mean and the amendment passed only because churches were actively playing politics (seriously, they were posting “Marriage = 1 man + 1 woman” on their hymnal billboards) and the people who voted to make it law were either stupid or just mean, and today, we get to say “Fuck You People Who Voted For That Stupid Fucking Unconstitutional Amendment Trying To Make Me A Lesser Person Than You”. Fuck You One And All.

Icing on the Cake: The Federal Judge who struck down that part of the amendment is a Bush appointee. Fuck You Too, Republicans.

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