White Trash News

So, tonight WLEX in Lexington apparently gave up all pretense of reporting actual news and decided to become the new White Trash Entertainment Tonight.

First, we had a story about a family who is reaching out to the community to help pay funeral expenses for a 15-year-old boy who died while illegally riding his motorcycle without a license on a highway, because he was a minor and doesn’t HAVE a license; and to help with the costs associated with his new baby that his 15-year-old girlfriend is having at some point in the near future, with her telling the camera that the two of them went to get married on Valentines Day but found out they needed a court order because both of them were minors so they put it off for later but now he’s dead.

Follow this with a story about a mother who just received a letter from her son in the military who she just found out a few days ago was killed in Afghanistan and the story was her crying while reading from the letter while they showed pictures of the boy in uniform, because what else would a grieving mother do just days after her son died except share an intimate and private family letter with the media on local television?

This is what the local news has become, in the state represented by Mitch McConnell, Rand Paul and Andy Barr. What else would you possibly expect?

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