This Is Not A Cooking Blog

So I write a few little blogs about cake, and the Baptist Women’s Annual Cookbook, and suddenly I’m getting all these random and fairly absurd comments and emails from women telling me how HER recipe for Better Than Sex Cake is far superior to anyone else’s, because she uses buttermilk, or honey, or instant coffee, or Cool Whip, or Crisco, or Snicker’s Bars, or an amazing assortment of variations on a theme of Just How Fattening Can We Make This Bitch Of A Cake.  Every single one of them signs off “Have a Blessed Day” and I’m like “Have a f**king Heart Attack, Bitch, if you keep cooking and eating like That”.

And of course, the oddest thing is the fact that absolutely none of them seem to have a clue that This Is Not A Cooking Blog and it sure as HELL isn’t a Baptist Women’s Annual Cookbook cooking blog, and most of them would be rather shocked if they were to bother reading any of my assorted other blogs, but I suspect most of them would also be rather excited if they bothered to read “I Licked Anderson Cooper” but they’d never admit it to anyone, and Baptist women don’t go to confession to a priest, so it will just have to stay our dark little secret.

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