St. Paddy’s & Ky State Government

Ethnic holidays are so difficult. What does one wear to be appropriate that isn’t actually offensive? A pastel green shirt and bright green socks that sort of clash but I don’t really care much. I at least can claim to have some Irish heritage, including the curly hair and the astounding good looks and the addictive personality, but I don’t normally share that with staff and co-workers.

One guy came in dressed like the Lucky Charm’s cereal box dude, and some big honking red-headed freckled wench took that offensively and hauled up her large heavy green tote bag and slammed him right upside the head with it and knocked him entirely out the door. He’s still laying outside on the sidewalk, whimpering.

What I like best is all the green beer Senior Management keeps coming around and filling our coffee mugs with. Pitchers and pitchers. It’s like a parade of management whom you never see and most of whom you didn’t even know were members of that esteemed group. It’s amazing for staff morale. Not much work gets done though.

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