Meeting With Women, part 2

No matter how carefully you prepare for your business Meeting With Women, it never, ever fails: your Outlook calendar reminds you 15 minutes before said meeting is to take place, and you make a quick dash to the men’s room to make sure your hair looks good and your shirt is tucked in and there are no nose or eye boogers.

And you walk in, and some straight guy pig is in the toilet, and apparently has been constipated for three months with all the fast food he eats for four meals a day and it’s been in there just decaying, and today, of all days, he’s loosing his entire colon, and it smells like a slaughterhouse, and you are engulfed in his stench even if you immediately turn and run back out the door. And the stench is such that, much like a dead skunk in the road, it clings, it envelopes, it will NOT let you go away without it.

And you walk into your Meeting With Women 15 minutes later and they all wrinkle their noses but don’t say anything because the just assume that, as a male with a penis, it is only natural that you smell so noxiously.

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