No Dogs For Neil Patrick Harris

So I’m trying to stay in contact with my dear friend Neil Patrick Harris as much as possible these days, because he’s doing Hedwig on Broadway and he needs as much “normal” in his life as possible right now, to keep him sane and grounded. And I’m telling him how much we’re enjoying our new dog, because he’s still got a lot of puppy in him and he’s so much fun and blah blah blah and “when you scratch behind his ear he makes that same whiney happy noise that you make when I pinch your nipples”, and Neil Patrick says “I could never have a dog. They’re just so much trouble and they take up so much time.”

And I’m like “Dude, you have f**king Twins.” And he’s like “Yeah, but David takes care of all that” and I’m like “then let David and the twins take care of the dog” and Neil Patrick Harris is like “David is allergic.”

Which explains why Neil Patrick Harris keeps his body completely and totally shaved. Because David is allergic. To dogs. Says Hedwig. Yeah. Right.

I love my friends, but I really worry about Neil Patrick Harris and his thought process sometimes….

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