Ode To Mother

Thanks, Mom, for not aborting me.

Though, I can think of probably 50 other people off the top of my head who the world would be a better place if their mothers had aborted them, and some of them would even agree with me.

Thanks for carrying me and caring for me and reading to me and singing to me, even if you didn’t breast feed because in the early 60’s people though breastfeeding was a bit low class and unnecessary.

Thanks for taking me to amusement parks and zoos.

Thanks for putting up with 10 solid years of my hardcore drinking, as best you could, without giving me the “I told you so” speech even though you told me a million times alcoholism is hereditary.  Thanks for not asking a lot of difficult questions when I finally got sober, but instead just accepted it and appreciated it while it lasted. 

Thanks for letting me dress like a little gay boy years before you admitted to yourself I was gay and long before I even knew what it meant.  I may have been a sissy, but for the early 1970’s, I was one Fabulous sissy.

Thanks for trying to understand and come to terms with the fact that I am gay, once I figured it out myself.  I realize you’ll never be Betty DeGeneres, but I also realize you’re doing the best you can.

Thanks for not comparing me to my brother, and vice-versa.

Thanks for not beating the holy shit out of me with a stick, even on the occasions when I probably deserved it.

Thanks for being accepting of all my numerous boyfriends that I’ve brought home at one time or another, even the real assholes.  Thank you for not telling me they were assholes.  Some things, I kid just has to find out for himself.

Thank you for not throwing a fit when I call you to say “Happy Mother’s Day and Oh, By The Way, Your Gift will arrive in the mail sometime between now and Father’s Day and it will probably be for both of you” and it’s nothing real special but you’ll still call me when you get it to say Thank You, even if it’s only Harry & David pears.  But damn, they’re really good, aren’t they?

Thank you for letting me live my life without a lot of family drama.  I’m amazed at the number of people I know and work with who have constant angst with their families and I wonder why and I’m glad we don’t, because really, there’s plenty of drama in the world without family making it worse.  Family should be the place you go to escape all the drama, and we are. 

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