What If?

What if I already do make enough money and just don’t realize it?

What if I eventually find out I can’t make a difference from inside the system?

What if this really is just a dream?

What if someone at work really does have a gun?

What if Wal-Mart completely collapsed and went bankrupt overnight? What if Sears suddenly stepped in and filled the void left by Wal-Mart?

What if Brittany Spears lived up to her potential?

What if I really am the wildly talented love-child of Cher and Elton John?

What if women were treated equally? What if gay people had all the same rights as straight people? What if straight white men were suddenly the minority? Aren’t they already? Then why aren’t women treated equally and why don’t gay people have all the same rights as straight people?

What if Kentucky suddenly voted screaming liberal in all the upcoming elections?

What if most Republican’s weren’t assholes?

What if my dick really were as big as I say I wish it were? Would I even be able to lift it?

What if we all really were able to love each other unconditionally?

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