Back To Work

So the first day back to work, for state government and pretty much anyone else, after a three-day holiday weekend, is a bit of a shock, because three days is just enough to feel like you got something extra, but not really enough.  It’s like grandma letting you lick the spoon but not the bowl.  It’s like going to the beach but not into the water.  It’s like one bite of chocolate but not the whole candy bar.  It’s just enough to feel good, but not enough to feel great. 

Be that as it may, a three-day holiday weekend is very quickly becoming an endangered species.  Our entire economy is shifting/has shifted from Production to Service, and even my mom doesn’t think twice about walking into a grocery store on a holiday just because she forgot to pick up extra milk, even if it means an entire store full of employees have to work on a national holiday to cater to her needs.  If those of us lucky to have a holiday would boycott all businesses who stay open on national holidays, then we’d all get the day off instead of just us few who happen to have horrible f**king jobs that we continue working at, in part, because of benefits like paid holidays.

Meanwhile, back in State Government, most of my employees showed up to work today, and no one was puking and nobody OD-ed, so I think we managed to pull off some semblance of “professional” even if absolutely no one was engaged and we were all just trying to crawl through the first day back from another three-day weekend.  Still, we all got to have that one bright spot in our day when we realized we felt like it was Monday but it was actually Tuesday and Tuesday is almost always better than Monday because it’s one day closer to Friday. 

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