Just Another Typical Wednesday in State Government

So one of our full-time crazy chicks was back to work today, after her extended absence, in full force. She didn’t sit down at her desk and do any work today, as far as I can tell, just visited with her friends and buzzed around from cubicle to cubicle like a wasp on acid. Or, a more apt metaphor, like white trash on meth. You’d think, after her extended absence of several weeks, that she would return doing the Lithium Shuffle and be fairly well sedated, but everyone knows she wasn’t seeking treatment while she was out, just new sources of new drugs to crush up and snort up her nose. Knowing she was returning to work today, her immediate supervisor called in sick, and her senior supervisor came in late, and I can’t say as I blame either of them because just being locked in the same space with all that crazy makes your head hurt.

However, she never became excessively loud, and nobody got shot, so I guess in today’s world we should consider ourselves lucky and having had a really positive experience day.

On the plus side, our computers and printers all worked correctly today. Like you’d expect at any normal office anywhere in the freaking world. To walk in, sit down, and your computers and your printers all work fine. In Kentucky State Government, we feel that as some sort of victory, because normally, for the past several weeks, we’ve walked in, sat down, and our computers and printers have not worked fine at all. But today they did. So that’s a plus.

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