Some Woman Yelled At Me Today

Some woman yelled at me today, in the parking lot, because she couldn’t find a parking spot, and I just happened to be there walking across the rows to my own car, and I guess I was convenient. I tried to explain the various parking options in our rather huge parking lot, but she just barked “This is the Most Unfriendly Place I’ve Ever Been” and screeched away in her piece-of-shit truck.

So I kept walking, and she made the curve at the end of the row and came back in front of me and stopped again and screeched to a stop and shouted “Are YOU leaving?”, I guess thinking she’d follow me and take my parking spot, and I answered her honestly “No, I’m just going to sit in my car and eat my lunch” and she went screeching away again.

Bitch hurt my feelings. I was just waltzing along, basking in the sun, and she felt she had a right to pollute my air and invade my space. Twice.

I don’t trust anyone anymore who says “I’m a People Person” because they are completely full of shit.

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